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1. How do we get to Jiuzhaigou?
the Jiu-huang Airport has flight from Shanghai, Xian and Chongqing, mostly flights depart from Chengdu. After 50mins flying from Chengdu, then its 88km (1 hour) driving from Jiu-huang Airport to the town (Zhangzha) where the Jiuzhaigou Park locates.
Western route (370km, 7 hours): Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Maoxian - Songpan - Jiuzhaigou
Eastern route (430km, 7 hours): Chengdu - Mianyang - Jiangyou - Pingwu - Jiuzhaigou
The western route have been heavily affected by the Wenchuan Earthquake, 2008, so we can only choose the eastern route for driving into and back. Please be noted that the overland trip still been evaluated as risky after the earthquake.


2. What do we eat in Jiuzhaigou area?
There are many kinds of restaurants here; Tibetan food, Sichuan food, Western food etc, and the hotel here cook delicious food for international tourists.


3. Attitude of Jiuzhaigou and attitude sick?
You will be stand on 3500m in the Jiu-huang airport and peak of Huanglong Park C Huanglong Temple. The Zhangzha Town where you are going to overnight is about 2000m, and the daily travel in Jiuzhaigou Park will be around (2000m-3100m). High attitude sickness usually doesnt happen in our trip, but people with heart disease or high blood pressure should be very careful when travelling in Huanglong Park.


4. Whats the weather like in Jiuzhaigou area?
There is big temperature difference between day and night, so we suggest you to take a jacket even its in the summer time.


5. Is it good place where I can take my children to?
Sure, family tour becomes more popular here; its an ideal place to educate your children with local culture and beautiful nature. With our care and good hotels, your trip with children will be a wonderful experience.


6. Can we use your service in Chengdu?
Our main office located in Chengdu, so we can conduct every detail of your trip from the time you touch down on the Chengdu Airport to the time you take off from Chengdu.


7. What is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou?
Every October is definitely the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou, but Jiuzhaigou Park will be so crowed in this season, and also the price will be the highest in the whole year. But our experienced guide knows the park and bus schedules very well, he/she will guide you a route to avoid most of the group tourists.


8. Visit Jiuzhaigou in lower season?
Very clever choice, Jiuzhaigou Park is showing totally different faces in different seasons. Even those who have been here in October choose to visit in some other dates of their second visit.

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