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Admire the moon by following ancient poems

The Mid-autumn Festival is approaching. As one of the traditional festivals in China, to appreciate the glorious full moon on the Mid-autumn Festival has been the choice of many. In ancient times, the clear and bright moon was a symbol of reunion. Today, the Mid-autumn Festival not only means to have a reunion, but also to enjoy the moonlight in the historical places.
Emei Mountain, Sichuan

Li Bai, the God of poetry, recommended a tour route of admiring the moon in his poem Moon Song on Emei Mountain. The tour started from Mt.Emei and ended in Chongqing by the Pingqiang River, Qingyi River, and the Three Gorges.

Visitors might as well follow Li Bai's route to enjoy the moon. Mt. Emei enjoys widespread reputation for its charming scenery. If stop at half way up the peak, visitors can see the moon beam break through rifted clouds.

If going downstream from Mt. Emei to Qingyi River on the festival, visitors can probably see the reflection of the moon appearing fitfully on the ripple waters, creating a mystifying effect to the eye. Crossed over the river, visitors arrive in the Three Gorges. The majestic and beautiful scenery make visitors feel quite agitated in mind.

Chongqing is the final station. The scenery of Chongqing at night is brilliantly colored. It is a great idea to enjoy the moonlight at the Yangtze River side. Besides, taking the cruise ship and travelling on Yangtze and Jialing rivers are also many visitors' choice.
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