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Blast links county to outer world

 A history of isolation is set to end for the Tibetan county of Medog after workers successfully blasted through the last section of a mountain highway tunnel on Wednesday.

Medog, with a population of 11,000, is China's last county with no highway link to the outside world.

Teams from both ends of the tunnel met at 10:28 am after using 152 kg of explosives to blast through the remaining center section.Medog county is located near the eastern section of the Himalaya Mountains.

Snow and rain make the mountain roads impassable for nine months of the year, and walking out of the mountains takes about 10 hours.

'It was a life-threatening adventure every time I crossed the mountains out of Medog,' said Zhou Haitao, an official who worked in Medog for five years.

'Mudslides and avalanches are common on Galongla Mountain,' Zhou said.

The 117-km Medog Highway will shorten the time dramatically as the journey through the 3,310-meter-long Galonga tunnel will take just half an hour.

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