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Cultural Center in Sichuan Province this year will be full of zero threshold

February 18, reporters from the 'cultural curator of the province's 2011 Conference 'was informed that the province and 4019 cultural centers, 203 cultural centers in towns, according to the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance recently issued' on promoting the National Museum, the public libraries and cultural centers (stations), the work of free advice 'with immediate effect from the gradual implementation of a comprehensive free initiatives, during the full realization of' zero threshold. '

It is reported that 80% of the province's cultural centers had been implemented to varying degrees of free service. Open year-round free of charge, the province all the cultural centers (stations) within the multi-purpose hall, exhibition hall, counseling, training room, recreation rooms and other public space, facilities, venues, will be free for all people; popular culture and art counseling training, public mass cultural activities, training of grass-roots team and the backbone of amateur art, guidance and other basic creation of popular literary works of cultural services will be provided free of charge; cultural centers (stations) some of the ancillary services such as accreditation, bag storage, etc. will also be free of charge . Free at the same time, the province of each cultural centers (stations) will combine its own characteristics, service brand, to provide people with higher quality and level of cultural services.

Source: Sichuan Daily

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