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Dead sleep in fetal position in Three Gorges tombs

    Several hundreds of tombs belonged to Daxi culture were unearthed in the Three Gorges region, and many of them featured tombs with dead bodies lying in a fetal position.

    About 6,000 or 7,000 years ago, China's ancestors lived in the Three Gorges region and created the splendid Daxi culture. The graves belonging to that period of time are still a mystery today.

    Dead bodies in those tombs were found bent over with their hands crossed between belly and legs, while its shape is just like a fetus inside its mother. And this kind of burial is rare in other places around China.

    Archaeologists speculated that those people were bound and buried after they had lost in war and been captured, but there are no any marks of wounded. Another view is that they buried the dead in this manner because it resembles sleeping and they wished the souls of the dead could rest in peace. Some other people think the burial reflects the worship of reproduction and their fetus-shaped dead bodies indicate their wish to be reborn.

    The custom, which developed and went out of practice between New Stone Age and early Qin period, is still holds many unsolved mysteries today.

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