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Chengdu: Landscape of Agriculture successful pilot can also be used to make rape billboard

From the Huanglong scenic river gate side of the road about 1 km of rape the earth, 'Town in Huanglong , pastoral double 'eight characters as the great general impressively eye-catching billboards. It is the Chengdu Academy of Agriculture and Forestry's 'rape landscaping planting demonstration' technology, the pilot has been successful in Shuangliu County, in the future, this technology will be widely applied to the city's rural conditions, fast-speed railway line, without affecting agriculture production of the same time, rural tourism and rural and urban environmental management to provide new services.

This reporter has learned that the use of a line from the leaf to the whole body was dark purple stems of rape, in the form within 30 acres of 'Guzhen Huanglong , pastoral double, 'a large poster, and logo design Shuangliu County, both eye-catching and beautiful. Back in October 2010 the beginning of the field planting, the experts on the use of gps satellite positioning systems, text and graphics will be designed to accurately locate the ground, and then mobilize the local people in different varieties planted are now growing two rape Good, clear pattern has been formed. Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, according to Mok Kam-country project manager, currently the hospital is to further improve the landscaping planting program crops, and has chosen a number of landscaping potential and production potential of new varieties are larger, the next step, the hospital will be in the city within the selected conditions, where there is demand for further exploration, the future citizens to the slopes and other places play, expect to see the composition of the various new crops slogans and designs.
Source: Chengdu Daily

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