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Paradise of the ancient glacier ice travel second pioneering a work in Aba

'Is not only beautiful and fascinated people glaciers, national customs is the most original I've seen the most authentic!' Tasting of three of village only 80 yuan / person authentic Tibetan meal, self-drive tourists from Chongqing, Beijing, line screaming bell DS bargain -

Although winter is not the tourist season, but a small holiday and New Year Spring Festival Golden Week, self-drive tourists from all over the country to reach the ancient glaciers in Aba 'fire' the one.

May 1, 2010, closed construction 7 years, the investment over 900 million yuan, only 280 km away from Chengdu, the ancient glacial ice and snow up to the official opening of Paradise Tour, less than a year to the opportunity of traveling by car, up to the name of the ancient glacier No tourists are familiar with most of the country has become the ABA tourism following the Jiuzhaigou , Huanglong , Siguniangshan after another masterpiece dedicated to the tourists.

Paradise of the ancient glacier ice and snow:

Aba tourism resort set in a shining pearl on the crown

Of the ancient glacier scenic Blackwater in Aba county, east and south and Jiuzhaigou , Huanglong , the Wolong Giant Panda Habitat of three echoes the World Natural Heritage, west and north and the Aba Tibetan and Qiang cultural corridor and the A-phase if the Red Prairie neighbors. Intangible Cultural Heritage in China, In plain (Armor Dance) hometown of ancient glaciers and the Blackwater County, Yake Xia Forest Park, off Long ditch, Mercer ancient Tibetan villages, colored breast ditch eighty years, the three Austrian Snow perfect match.

'View of mountain flowers spring and summer, autumn color forest view, view of snow in winter and spring, summer, Glacier View' is different from other ancient glaciers of the most significant scenic features; 'new', 'quiet', 'Yan', 'odd' four Keywords are the tourists of the most impartial appraisal of ancient glaciers. In 2006, 'found that China's new beauty' contest in the ancient glaciers of the new selected as the most attractive scenery, the best self-drive tourist destinations in Sichuan, the best destination for viewing autumn leaves, Chinese color glaciers, snow and ice as paradise.

From the central city as the world recently, the largest area, experience the best of the modern mountain glaciers, glacier area of the ancient set of Aba tourism development experience and wisdom of two decades, is the Aba Commission, the state government following the Jiuzhaigou , Huanglong after the introduction of The third-largest tourist products area. Development and construction since 2003, especially since the post-disaster reconstruction, the Authority in accordance with the ancient glaciers of Aba Commission, the state government's 'high standards of protection, a high starting point plan, generous operation, fast-paced construction' requirements, 'building the first modern Cai Lin mountain glaciers best tourist destination 'as the goal, and strive to reach the ancient glacier into a' high grade, high specification, high-grade, high-level, high-efficiency world-class scenic area. '

Paradise of the ancient glacier ice and snow:

Aba Travel Masterpiece Second Venture

'The official opening of the ancient glacier tour will further enrich and improve the content of tourism in Aba, will effectively promote the resumption of the revitalization of the tourism industry.' Last year, May 1, at the ancient glaciers of formal and tourists meet. Deputy Governor Liu Wenzhi Aba said that as the focus of Aba second pioneering development of tourist scenic spots, ancient glacier area of tourism infrastructure is complete, fully functional. It is understood that, 'Twelve Five' period, 'the plan as a precondition to protect the core, to manage as the key to market-oriented, to the capital as the link' the development of ideas of the ancient glaciers will run through the development, construction, conservation and tourism management.

Authority of the ancient glacier area Yuk Fung said, 'Twelve Five,' the 5-year, nine scenic journey Authority and the ABA large tourism company focused new heights after the disaster, to develop tourism as an opportunity to tourists as the center, further improving area development, conservation, management, administration and so on.

The next 5 years, reaching a clear blueprint for the development of ancient glaciers. To insist that planning in advance, of the ancient glacier area will highlight the features, and practical projects, speed up the creation of national-level scenic spots a; adhere enriching priority area of the ancient glacier travel will broaden employment opportunities, people sharing the development results; strengthen publicity and promotion, of the ancient glaciers will take the initiative started the 'big ice' brand, enhance visibility and reputation; in accordance with the 'From the high, liberally, strictly, from the small' requirement, at the ancient glaciers will strive to create a tourism environment is full of humane care, and create a fair and impartial consumption environment, the construction of harmonious coexistence between man and nature environment.

'We will make unremitting efforts to fully integrate the unique natural scenic beauty, rich ethnic customs, culture and beautiful red tragic ecological environment, tourism resources, establish a snow paradise for tourism brand, built over the ancient glacier scenic tourist favorite snowy mountain forests the best holiday destinations of color, let the tourists enjoy the beautiful fairy snow paradise for the early construction of the Aba contribute to an international tourist destination. 'Zhang Yufeng said.

Paradise of the ancient glacier ice and snow:

Sichuan tourism market 'new favorite'

'Cirque, glacial lake, the ancient ice falls ... ... never seen such a beautiful glacier!' January 18, the first of the ancient glacier Ice and Snow Festival opened in Chongqing by car from the Swiss tourist Huangjiao said excitedly. As of 2011 China Jiuzhaigou International Tourism Festival icefall only at the venue, up to the ancient glaciers of this Ice and Snow Festival held the 'holy land of good fortune plateau' area Cangzhai greet New Year, 'Snow Paradise Uncharted Blackwater' Photo Contest and other activities to attract MICE tourists to the province, many inside and outside.

In 2011, the tourism environment of ancient glaciers has a new look:

- Traffic safety open. Are all smooth Timor Road, Kowloon Central West line transformation fully completed, Mao Hei Road (Maoxian to black) and black and red road (black to red of the original) safe and comfortable.

- Rich and varied tourist attractions. Of ancient glaciers, Wenchuan, Maoxian, black and red of the original four counties and one district the full liberalization of the traditional area, new colorful tourist attractions, is the prime tourist area of Sichuan Aba Qiang towers, Part One town, Tibetan village style, the Red Army culture, glacier Long Prairie spa and customer communication and calcification in one of the wonders of a quality tourist routes.

- To enhance the reception conditions. Star of the ancient glacier International Hotel, five-star Enjoy the new Qiang, Tibetan Family, pastoralists Village, will provide international and domestic tourists and improve the quality of service.

- Strong Tibetan and Qiang folk customs passion bloom. Original song and dance performances, carefully crafted and well-being beautiful tourist village boutique village, the traditional Tibetan and Qiang food, high-quality local products, the majority of tourists will provide a new travel experience.

We firmly believe, firmly relying on Jiuzhaigou Huanglong World Heritage Tourism Zone and the snowy mountain meadow golden tourist line, the ancient glacial ice and snow paradise of tomorrow will be even better!

Source: Sichuan Daily

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