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Chengdu, the second Cherry Festival will once again set sail Tourism

Following the success of the first Cherry Blossom Festival, the Chengdu (Qingbaijiang) Second Sakura Tourism and Culture Festival will also be held March 30-April 15 Phoenix Lake in the beautiful sail again. The 'cherry garden Chungui World Tour' will offer the public an unprecedented cultural tourism feast.

Cherry Blossom Festival this year by the Chengdu Municipal Government, Sichuan Provincial Tourism Council, Qingbaijiang, the district government, the Municipal Tourism Bureau contractor, a total of 10 major themes tailored activities.

Effort to join the opening ceremony star

March 29 opening ceremony will be held the evening of spectacular, according to organizers say will be extremely exciting. Opening ceremony will be built in the Phoenix water lake held the stage, divided into four major chapters, through the modeling stage, the launching ceremony, passionate performances and other sectors, for the audience to give a magnificent visual feast. Its greatest feature is the integrated use of optoelectronics and other high-tech means of sound, presents the coolest and most unusual visual effects. Is the most anticipated, there will be a number of mysterious airborne heavyweight star Chengdu, effort to join the opening ceremony.

Changed the traditional closing ceremony will also form a new model with a music festival instead. 'China Top Ten Music Orchestra perform the closing ceremony of Sakura without limit' as the theme, inviting portrait of the country's top rock band perform. Cherry Blossom Festival singing rock music, rock music is not only a rare get together, but also to make rock music and Phoenix Lake to become the best theater cherry each other.

Basescu by the United States Chapelle Connor Stone Company Inc. and jointly produced by Tom King Clown Festival, will also visit the Cherry Blossom Festival this year. The audience up close with the artists and actors, interactive experience the charm of the international clown art.

Opening day, will start the '1 hour snapshot Cherry Blossom Festival' activities. Into the Cherry Blossom Festival site where visitors can create real-time using a mobile phone to win prizes. Meanwhile, during the Cherry Blossom Festival, will be held every day 'looking for the mysterious beauty' campaign, as long as the beauty of the photo shoot and upload designated to the 'Network Cherry Blossom Festival' theme, drawn from every day ipad award.

'Sakura romantic encounter' online game, will also be officially opened during the Cherry Blossom Festival. In addition, visitors can also register through the network to participate in the Cherry Blossom Festival site at the '5-minute one hundred tents blind date' activities.

Early March start cherry pick fairy

Cherry Blossom Festival period, the upgraded version of 'Happy one to sing' - 'sing Cherry Blossom Festival, will sing the whole people' activities will be staged at the designated time every day. Flowers all leisure visitors to the site, you can register to participate. Random song singing, comedian judges to force reviews, as well as the millions of gifts piled hills, and even iphone4, ipad and so nowadays the most in high-end electronic products, waiting for you to win.

'Han Tang dynasty gorgeous, cherry fairy tenderness' and 'Sakura Fairy' draft contest will start in early March of enrollment, in addition to the huge prize winners and prizes, will also board the Cherry Blossom Festival closing stage, have the opportunity to obtain professional models company or entertainment company training, expansion of stardom.

In addition, the aggregation of small cherry Chengdu little boy star Variety Show, Phoenix Lake to the power of intimate events, the European Freestyle Wrestling Rodeo series of activities will also be staged in the turns during the Cherry Blossom Festival. The cherry little star talent selection, will continue into the heat of the Cherry Blossom Festival 'June', carried out in the Children's Day Extravaganza.

The park opened on March 30th Cherry Blossom Festival, will be more unique perspective, a more open attitude, better facilities and better services, offers to visitors a new experience. Retaining the form of themed attractions last year, will also Europe, America, Africa and Oceania, and the performance style themed attractions scenic place, the White House, the Sydney Opera House, South Korea, 'Forbidden City', the Dutch windmill and other world views will be exciting show, so that While visitors enjoy the flowers and the Imagination of Chengdu 'the most world' cultural feast!

Source: Huaxi Dushi Bao

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