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The third expansion construction of the Jiu-huang Airport designs to throughput of 2.5 million people

    The only branch travel airport in Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong Airport is currently planned Phase III expansion. Yesterday, Jiu-huang Airport revealed three specific construction plans for the first time, and said current expansion of the parallel taxiway will be put into use in July this year. By then, Jiu-huang Airport will be able to achieve two-way flights take off and land, to improve flight security rate.
Passenger throughput will reach 2 million this year
    First run from September 28, 2003, the Jiu-huang Airport achieves the initial shipping and passenger records of the fastest growing. Airport passenger throughput in 2005 achieved 1.1 million passengers, more than the design size of 800,000 people in 2010. After that, the airport put 400 million Yuan for the second phase expansion started in May 2006.
But the second expansion may not satisfy the fast growing passengers, so the Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong airport decide to carry out third expansion in the beginning of this year.
    According to reports, the third expansion will meet the requirements than the year 2020 in accordance with throughput of 2.5 million air passenger, cargo and mail throughput of 2250 tons, 25,080 aircraft movements, and peak hour aircraft movements will reach 18 planes. The duration of expansion project will be 2 years. After completion, the airport security capabilities will have 40% increases than the current.
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