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Wu Hou Temple

Wu Hou Temple
ADDChengDu Wu Hou Temple Street 231#
Opening hours: Daily 9-12am and 2.30-5pm
    Wu Hou Temple of Chengdu,located in the outskirts of Chengdu,initially built in 223AD,now covers 140,000 square meters.It consists of King Liu Beis mausoleum, halls memorizing Zhuge Liang and other ministers,generals of Kingdom Shu.In 1961,The State council chose it as a leading preservation entity of cultural relics and a museum was set up in 1984.With its rich cultural accumulation,the temple has been attracting the public over the past 1780 years and thus has gained a reputation as A Sacred Place of the Three Kingdoms.
    Because Lu Bei was posthumously entitled Zhao Lie ,over the front gate of Wu Hou shrine hangs a board inscribed with the characters 'Han Zhao Lie Miao'(Temple of Emperor Zhao Lie of the Han Dynasty).In the hall of Liu Bei, stand the statues of Lie BeiGuan Yu Zhang Feigenerals and administrators of the Shu Kingdom.
    Erected in the Tang Dynasty, this stone tablet has its full name as tablet of Wu Hou Temple. The article, the calligraphy and the inscription were all excellent, so the stele is reputed as the 'Tablet of Excellence'.
    The Hall of Zhuge Liang enshrines the statues of Zhuge Liang,his son and his grandson. Zhuge Liang was conferred the title 'Wu Xiang Hou' (hou is similar to marguis) when he was alive and 'Zhong Wu' after his death, 'Wu Hou' is the shortened title for Zhuge Liang.


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